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1230000265669 - Danica Slate: Willing Conquests: Three Tales of Dark Elves - Buch


Willing Conquests: Three Tales of Dark Elves (2014) (?)

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1230000265669 (?)

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This corrupting collection contains three fantastic tales of light-elf-on-dark-elf encounters, interracial seduction, and dungeons filled with leather, chains, whips, and more. These ivory-skinned maidens are about to learn just what twisted things their ebony cousins do for fun and pleasure! Contains over 17,000 words of the following stories: 1. Yielding to the Dark Elves Amongst the fair elves of the surface world, the Dark Elves are spoken of only in whispers. Twisted, tortured, lost souls, they had once been as good as the surface elves, but long ago forsook the sun and descended to the depths of the underworld to bask in decadance and sin. Alyss didn't believe a word of it. She would not admit to her family, but she harbored a fascination for the Dark Elves and their candid, unabashed ways. And so it was a secret rush of pleasure that she descended into the depths of their kingdom, cuffed and bound, the first to be allowed passage from the upper realms in many a year. She knew she wasn't supposed to submit so easily, to give herself up to the pleasure of being bound and bent to their twisted will, but it was only way to be allowed into their city. At least, that's what she told herself. 2. Enchanted: Seducing the Dark Elves The Elven Enchantress, Reilena, is one of the few living sorcerors who harvest ***ual energy and channel it into dark and powerful magicks that bewitch the mind and beguile the body. When she and her lithe young apprentice, Kat, descend into the underground to recover a powerful artifact, their dangerous journey quickly turns to lovemaking. But soon their passions are interrupted by an unexpected foe: a cadre of dark elves, twisted and wicked foes of the surface elves, who take them captive and submit them to their bidding! Reilena is enthralled by these strange and deviant beings, and sets out to bend them to her will in the only way she knows how: through a combination of her dark magicks and the powers of her own flesh. 3. Touched by N
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