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9780470592977 - Douglas B. Reeves#Elle Allison: Renewal Coaching Workbook - Buch

Douglas B. Reeves#Elle Allison (?):

Renewal Coaching Workbook (?)

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9780470592977 (?) bzw. 0470592974

, in Deutsch, Wiley, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, neu, E-Book
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Renewal Coaching Workbook, Renewal Coaching Workbook In their groundbreaking book, Renewal Coaching, Douglas Reevesand Elle Allison offered coaches, managers, teachers, andconsultants a research-based, sustainable approach to individualand organizational improvement that involved a disciplined andcollaborative sequence of information, experimentation, feedback,and support. The proven Renewal Coaching framework consists ofthese seven elements: Recognition--Finding patterns of toxicity and renewal Reality--Confronting change killers in work and life Reciprocity--Coaching in harmony Resilience--Coaching through pain Relationship--Nurturing the personal elements ofcoaching Resonance--Coaching with emotional intelligence Renewal--Creating energy, meaning, and freedom to sustainthe journey As a next-step resource this workbook includes a wealth ofproven strategies and tools designed to help apply the RenewalCoaching approach to advance workplace performance. The workbookincludes website access to a variety of helpful resources,assessments, and other tools. Also provided is a Wiki environmentfor participants to contribute and share their own experiences. Thebook also contains worksheets and activities focused on sustainablechange for executive coaches, teachers, volunteers, or anyone whofits into the role of a "coach." Praise for the Renewal Coaching Workbook "A wonderful piece of work?filled with important information andexercises guiding the reader to discover and live from all they canbe. The book not only provides a new frame of reference throughwhich to look at life, but the skills to do it. This excellent bookwill become your personal coach to call upon whenever you like. Irecommend it highly." --Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D., author,Fearless: 7 Principles of Peace of Mind "Life is a wonderful teacher when we take time for reflection.This book provides the structure most of us need to access learningand self-awareness in a thoughtful way."--Paul Axtell,president, Contextual Program Designs, corporate and universitytrainer, and consultant "A wonderful resource for individuals who are going throughchange, and for those helping others through difficult times. Amajor strength is the [companion] website. At a time when millionsof people have to rethink their purpose, careers, and lives, thisworkbook provides an important tool for theirdevelopment."--Patricia Boverie, Ph.D., author, TransformingWork
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ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 0-470-59297-4, 978-0-470-59297-7


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